Update from Romania

At the centre for juvenile delinquents in Ghimbav we have made a list of things we can teach each other. Three of the kids in the centre are among the teachers: drumming, football and singing. It is hugely important that we all realise that we can teach each other things and that learning be a two way process. We are starting the workshop this coming weekend (13-14 April). One girl has just written a theater play about their lives; it will contain characters based on all of the kids in the centre. I have some friends who have a drama group and they’ve agreed to take a look at it and maybe turn it into a proper play.


With the other kids – in the orphanages in Tarlungeni and Budila – we have found a traditional Romanian ceramics expert who is willing to do workshops for them in how to make little things out of clay –

http://sofronesti1955.blogspot.ro/. We will try to take them to him as often as possible.


My former tango instructor is coming to our course tomorrow, as she wants to involve her own students and tango school in something similar. We will discuss ideas on how to expand this initiative, and I already have something in mind. I want to put them in contact with a centre for people with disabilities, whom they could go and teach tango once a month or so. I hope it works out because those people are amazing; my sister had volunteers doing the Dancing and Drama project there and they even participated in the shows that she puts together with the vols at the end of such volunteers’ placements.


Also, last week I did a cultural presentation about India and Ghana to a couple of classrooms at a local high school and their English teacher has now told them about my activities with my tango students and now they want to get involved as well.