What is the Hummingbird Academy?

Sharing knowledge and training human resources are two of the vital ideas at the heart of what the Hummingbird Collective is all about. Improving education is an obvious, but needless to say extremely complicated goal, with many factors to control and difficulties involved in measuring impact.

We are currently organise training sessions and workshops for varied partners such as:


Additional organisations:

  • Regional Educational Authorities in Cusco (DREC)
  • Provincial Educational Authorities: UGEL La Convencion, UGEL Anta, UGEL Espinar
  • Local Political district and provincial authorities: Municipalidad Provincial de Urubamba,  Municipalidad Distrital de Coya,
  • CLASS Urubamba

We have specialised knowledge in:

  • Educational themes
  • Development issues
  • Communication skills
  • Intercultural competencies
  • Conflict management

However, the existing need is bigger than workshops and training events. It is one of the Hummingbird Collective´s middle term goals to run our own training center and be able to invite interested organisations and people to participate.


Specialists are always welcome to share their expertise and we will always be happy to organize workshops and courses with our extensive social capital and great network of local organizations, communities and authorities.

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