Peruvian children jumping with excitement! FOTOGRAAF ROBIN UTRECHT

The Hummingbird Collective is all about everyone doing what they can to change the world! With that in mind we´ve started 4 clubs which are designed to encourage people to get out and do their bit!

We do this in 2 ways:

  1. Supporting those who would otherwise be unable to take part in activities due to a lack of resources. For example, our reading club has already provided 2 libraries, and has a mobile library planned.
  2. Encouraging those who do have those resources to make the most of them. Our Camping club aims to encourage young people to take part in extra English, Mathematics and Sports activities, whilst also interacting with other young people they would not normally meet on an everyday level.

Our clubs are…


Ecological Club

Educational Clubs

Outdoors Club

Reading Club



All the clubs are run with the ethos that “the process is more important than the result”.

Read all about each one in more detail on their individual pages!

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