Reading Club


  In the Cusco region only 1.2%of children in the 6th year of primary school are rated as having sufficient skills in “Comunicacion Integral” or Integrated Communication, such as basic reading and writing. This figure speaks for itself, and the Hummingbird Collective is leading the fight to raise these levels in rural zones through not only providing libraries, such as those in Calca and Huyro, but also supporting them in the through long term projects such as “reading club” every Thursday in Huyro for local children.

Tim teaching children the joy of learning…the fun way!


Looking to the future, the Hummingbird Collective not only wishes to expand the programs in these existing libraries, but also develop a mobile library. This will travel to remote communities, which currently suffer from a lack of access to educational resources and where, as a result, literacy levels are often much lower than in urban zones. The travelling library would present stories, in a fun and interactive way, to children of all ages. If you wish to make a donation to support either the existing libraries, or to the Travelling Library please Contact Us.

The future can be bright!

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