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What does it mean to be a Hummingbird?

A tremendous forest fire starts, and all the birds from the area are sitting on their branches, watching the spectacle. Suddenly, they notice that one small hummingbird is flying off to a small mountain river again and again and picking a drop of water to spray on the fire each time. “Why bother?” The others shout, “Why bother? It won’t make a difference.”The drop of water evaporates before it touches the ground. The other birds continue to call out “Don´t be a hero, this fire is not our fault”. The individual opinions, all showing indifference, are lost amongst the general uproar, but still no one tries to help the hummingbird. As the hummingbird flies off for the umpteenth time and hears these remarks again, he stops in front of them and, while fluttering his wings, replies in a controlled tone of voice: “At least I am doing what I can.” Why are all these other birds so indifferent, why don’t they help?

How can one become a Hummingbird?

There is no lack of fires in the world – you don´t even have to fight a big one to do your bit. You can become a hummingbird by getting involved, doing something for other, less fortunate, beings. Investing time and energy has a bigger effect than donating money. We want you to get active, engage, meet, teach and help in any way you can. For ideas you can always have a look at our news items, but the list is long and open, and you are free to add to it what you feel makes a difference.

We are not asking for miracles, nor money, just that you consider donating blood, or helping teach a child you know who is struggling in school. You could share your ideas for improving the lives of those less fortunate then yourself or invite neighbours over for dinner. You can take that lonely elderly couple you know for a walk and get to know them or even just cook a meal for the friend you know has been having a hard time lately. Even just fixing that dripping tap that has been wasting water for the last few weeks counts! Everything starts with a first step.

We are all active citizens that want to do something about the indifference, we want to show we do care. We care for you, follow us.

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