Census of Huayopata

Fortunato, a member of the remote community of Panticalle, included in the Huayopata Diagnostico poses with his children in front of his house.

The Hummingbird Collective, working together with Projects Abroad Peru, produced a full census of the Huayopata region, which will be used by both organisations, amongst other public, private and non-governmental organisations to plan the future development of the region. The document provides a comprehensive picture of not only the diverse current situation in Huayopata, ranging from the high Andean community of Panticalle, to the cloud rainforest capital, Huyro, but also of the concerns of the population for the future. It therefore enables the reader to identify exactly what each community believes is the key to a better future, as well as their current socio-economic reality. Key sectors analysed in the document include: – Electrification rates – Access to potable water – Waste disposal methods – Suggestions from residents on greatest problems their communities face – Existing and potential tourism activities – Malnutrition rates – General population health indicators – Education levels – Housing conditions – Geographic and climatic information – Socio-economic conditions of residents – Modes of household income This is a public document. A copy is available for free download here and a full hard copy can be found in the Municipalidad de Huyro, Huyro, La Convencion, Cusco, Peru. For further information, including translations, please contact peru@projects-abroad.org or timdewinter@projects-abroad.org

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