Library Project

The Hummingbird Reading Club is designed to offer underprivileged Peruvian children the opportunity to learn to love reading! It is currently active in two libraries: Calca TAE and Huyro MDI (Both were financed by Luciano Schiavo , through the Hummingbird Collective) and is planning to launch a mobile library to travel to remote communities where there is a chronic lack of infrastructure. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to grow!

Luciano Schiavo, who provided much of the funding for the libraries in Huyro and Calca


The Hummingbird Collective, working with the local Municipality, equipped the library in Huyro which was opened in January 2012. The library, the first in the town, is now regularly used by local children.



Children painting in the library in Huyro

Children painting in the library in Huyro. The idea that drives the project is to stimulate the children and get them involved in as many learning activities as possible.

Children reading in Huyro

Children enjoying the library

After initial challenges, the library is now a huge success, with children queuing up to enter the library some days.

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