Educational Materials

Making an educational maths board

With money from the Hummingbird Collective, we have been able to produce wooden boards which are used as part of a workshop to improve Maths results in the Cusco area

Thanks to members of the Hummingbird Collective, preschools that receive little help from their government are now benefiting from workshops on educational materials. Through the purchase of machinery and timber, members have set up a carpentry workshop in which preschool educational materials can be turned out at a very productive rate. Now, assessing children in the classroom has become easier and students have more physical and visual tools to aid their educational advancement. We make sure that all educational professionals involved are trained and motivated to use these materials.

Completed maths board

A completed board ready for use!

With 1.8% of children in the 6th year of primary school in the Cusco region achieving the expected levels in logical mathematics, and 2.4% of those in the 5th year of secondary school doing the same, the need for a new approach to teaching maths is clear. The Hummingbird Collective gives regular workshops across the region. If you would like more information, please Contact Us.

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