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The Hummingbird Walking Club meets once a month in the Cusco region to visit local landmarks, cultural centres and places of historical interest. One month it may be a waterfall, the next pre-Inca ruins, the following a traditional community. The walks last between 3 -5 hours and are designed to get the whole family outside enjoying themselves!


We are determined to fight the indifference created by people sitting idly in front of the TV, eating junk food and not interacting with their natural surroundings, family or friends except over Facebook or TV programs. The walks include some of the most beautiful areas and sights in the Cusco region, and allow Cusqueñans, Peruvians and foreigners to really appreciate what the region has to offer. As the world becomes a smaller place, and every corner of it is just a click away, cultural identity, and knowing “who you are” and “where you come from” is becoming a vital part of everyone´s lives. In a region such as Cusco, where millions of tourists pass through every year, demanding McDonalds and Starbucks in-between snapping sacred Inca ruins and children in traditional dress carrying baby alpacas, this is even more crucial to ensure that children grow up with a healthy knowledge of what it is to be from Cusco.

A Couple of highlights from previous walks…..

Tunquimayo Valley, Huayopata

Tres Cruces, Pacaurtambo

Inca ruins at Huchuy Qosqo, Lamay

Kosñipata, Manu

Inca ruins at Machu Qolqa, Huayllabamba


San Juan, Yucay

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