We are lucky to work in some incredibly beautiful locations. The iconic Andean landscape provides a backdrop to the wonderfully colourful traditional textiles that members of rural communities have been wearing since before the rise of the Inca empire. The natural beauty is offset by the harsh conditions that people struggle to survive in, and it should not be forgotten that the sights that tourists come to marvel at are simply a backdrop to everyday life for the locals.


  The Hummingbird Collective is dedicated to these people, and continuing to support them as they strive to improve their future.


Cameras still arouse curiosity in the children of the area!

Juan Carlos, from the community of Panticalle, relaxing outside his school whilst dressed in a traditional poncho and hat. The Hummingbird Collective has worked in the community for years, and continues to work to give Juan Carlos, and his siblings and classmates a brighter future.


Juan Carlos showing off the bananas he received during a visit to the community. Although truck loads of bananas are driven past Panticalle on a daily basis, the community does not have the economic means to buy them, and many members of the community do not realise the vital role that fresh fruit and vegetables play in their diet.



Cipriana Hanccoc poses for a photo with three of her children, dressed in traditional Andean clothes from the region. As part of their community work in Panticalle, the Hummingbird Collective provided families with copies of photographs of themselves. For many of them, it was the first time that they had ever had a photo of themselves.

Walking down a still used Inca road to the community of Panticalle, we came across this young girl washing her own clothes in the river…A stark demonstration of the level of poverty that the residents live in


Tim talking to Julian, a resident at 4300m above sea level at the Abra Malaga


Walking down the old Cusco – Quillabamba road….Just another day in the office!

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